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  1. Steffi1690 1d 12h ago

    Quote by Tanya2000

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Clear. Well you're on a PC, not played Warriors Orochi, like fingers running across the keyboard of the laptop can be compared to playing the piano.:D
    Well, since I have a console appeared somewhere in 2011, so I'm quite well, to cope with PC games.
    By the way are you familiar with the game Skyrim and Beyond: Two Souls? There is a version on the PS3.

    I never played a piano - never played any musical instrument! Can't read music notes! -_-
    Nope sorry I do not know this either ^^° I only have 2 games for the PS3 and those are Hakuouki and Tomb Raider (2013) ... or better to say I only bought the PS3 for those 2 games! lol

  2. xangel0 Moderator 1d 16h ago

    Quote by Tanya2000 Hello!
    How are you doing?
    I hope I'm not distracting you

    Absolutely not, don't worry
    I'm kinda busy with work tho, that's why I will reply kinda late, sorry about that D:
    But overall I'm good :3 wanting to draw a bit more -.- how are you?

  3. Tanya2000 2d 1h ago


  4. minayuri 3d 17h ago

    Quote by Tanya2000
    What do you like doing in your spare time?

    I enjoy cooking and watching old classic Japanese movies (films by Akira Kurosawa, Kenji Mizoguchi, and others from that era). I used to draw a long time ago as a hobby. Recently, I began taking care of a couple of cherry tomato plants and both are doing really well getting nice and ripe. My boyfriend and I will save the seeds from both plants to use for next year.

  5. Steffi1690 4d 0h ago

    Quote by Tanya2000

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Spoiler (show)

    Tomb Raider will receive a rating of "M", but this does not mean that the game will be a lot of profanity or violence. The developers chose the age limit from 17 years to obtain freedom to create a realistic scenario, bypassing the need to keep the game friendly.

    I honestly no matter what gender the main character in the game, the main thing that game was interesting.
    To be honest, this is my first ongoing, usually I look after the complete output of the season. And Yes, someone obviously wanted to make the anime into 5 seasons :D

    Why wouldn't you want to play on PC?

    Well that is also true but I still prefer female heroines the same goes for books.
    The only game I play on PC is Sims2 and Sims3 - it's easy to navigate the mouse. But I also tried Tomb Raider on the PC and it was pure horror to play! I couldn't handle the keys... T_T in the end I was runing and my sis was shooting the enemies - I didn't want to play like that... so I really prefer to play on a console where I have a controller in my hands its easier for me.

  6. Tannhauser 4d 7h ago

    thank for the fav

  7. minayuri 5d 13h ago

    Quote by Tanya2000And you played Tales of Berseria?

    No, I really don't play VG's because I don't have the time to play them in my everyday life. Since you're an artist, do you also do vector art as well?

  8. Steffi1690 5d 16h ago

    Quote by Tanya2000

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Oh okay. What the new Tomb Raider? (Well, I in the tank, as always^^)
    I played those, although I remember the plot only the last, need be to refresh my memory
    Tomb Raider: (2007)
    Tomb Raider: (2011)
    Tomb Raider (2013)
    Some of my friends give me 13 age in appearance. I was a little bit upset...
    What's your game of the series?

    You played Uncharted?
    Have Tomb Raider and Uncharted there are certain similarities, so if you don't game I can recommend.

    Spoiler (show)

    I watched the new series of Zestiria. Velvet and the truth is in this adaptation.

    This is the latest I new:
    But it came out in 2013...
    You have that?!
    So just checked it out, the newest game is "Rise of Tomb Raider" but is only avaible on PS4, XBOX One, XBOX 360 and PC.
    Since I do not have any other consoles and hate to play on the PC I can't buy it!
    From the Tomb Raider series I have all games (Tomb Raider 1 - Tomb Raider 2013 (link above)) except Tomb Raider 6 - Angel of Darkness.
    Hahaha I'm over 25 and look like 15 or 16 lol

    Never heard of the game "Uncharted" - but I prefer to play games with female heroines ^^ the only games with male hero that I play is Spyro ^^

    Waiting every week for new episode - I like the Anime.

  9. Steffi1690 5d 18h ago

    Oh I see so you play the older Tomb Raider games ^^
    Which ones do you have if I may ask?
    I thought you have the newer Tomb Raider which are 18+

    The orange/red one is called Rico and the smaller one the girl is called Suci. ^^

    Yes I have a younger sister ... but when you compare us I look way younger then her lol

  10. minayuri 5d 21h ago

    Quote by Tanya2000
    I have a few favorite characters in this game^^ I Think every character is good in their own way, but I like Mikleo, Edna, Zaveid and Rose.

    What characters you like? The anime adaptation looked?

    My favorite characters I like so far are Mikleo, Sorey, Lailah, and Alisha. Mikleo and Sorey's close bond is heartwarming and they're one my new favorite best friend duos. I guess if you're asking how I feel towards the anime adaptation, it's a really fun watch and the opening theme by FLOW "Kaze no Uta" is amazing. The connection to Berseria is quite intriguing as well in terms of world building.

  11. adri24rukiachan 6d 0h ago

    Quote by Tanya2000 Thanks for your favmy drawing ;3
    Glad you like it

    your welcome Tanya! your drawings are amazing ヽ(^◇^*)/

  12. minayuri 6d 9h ago

    Quote by Tanya2000

    Oh, thank you :3
    By the way how do you prefer to chat in PM or in the guest book?

    You can chat with me in the guest book. Who are your favorite characters in Zestiria?